Striving to make optimum use of everyone’s precious time, the Hiroo International Clinic uses an outpatient reservation system and electronic medical records. Our technology enables us to provide explanations while viewing images and results from tests.

We have a pharmacy on the premises.
There is no need to visit an outside pharmacy.
Most prescribed medicine can be provided without the wait.

Cooperative arrangements with health care organizations able to function in English enables a backup system whenever thorough examinations,
hospitalizations, surgery, etc. are needed.

Our nurses and reception staff can also provide considerate professional services in English.

Internal and General Medicine
Vaccinations for persons going overseas, children as well as adults.
Health checkups, school medical examinations, etc.
Minor surgeries including biopsies for skin cancer, etc.


Monday-Friday:   9AM-12PM 1PM-5:30PM
Saturday:   9AM-1PM

As a general rule we take reservations by telephone; however,
we will attempt to accommodate requests for consultations at any time.
Please be sure to call ahead for an appointment if you need a consultation on Saturday afternoon,Sunday or out of hours.

  1. X-ray photography equipment, digital imaging equipment
  2. Blood tests: biochemical(liver function, kidney function, thyroid function, etc.)

Various infectious diseases (Hepatitis A, B, C, venereal disease tests, etc.)
HIV test results in approximately 20 minutes.

  • Urine tests (depending on the items tested we can sometimes give results immediately.)
  • Cervical cancer cytodiagnosis, etc.

Japanese product vaccination
Hepatitis A freeze-dried inactivated tissue culture hepatitis
A vaccine<Aimmugen>
Hepatitis B adsorbed hepatitis B vaccine(recombinant)
Influenza<Oct-Mar.> influenza HA vaccine Kaketsuken=Astellas
Rabies freeze-dried inactivated tissue culture rabies vaccine Kaketsuken=Astellas
Tetanus Toxoid adsorbed tetanus toxoid Takeda
Varicella/Chicken pox freeze-dried live attenuated varicella vaccine Handaibiken

Imported vaccination
HepatitisA + HepatitisB
Twinrix 720/20
Hib Hiberix GlaxoSmithKline
Meningococcal-ACWY Mencevax ACWY GlaxoSmithKline
MMR Priorix GlaxoSmithKline
Polio-injectable Imovax Polio Aventis Pasteur MSD
Tetanus + Diphtheria(Td) Ditanrix/Td-RIX GlaxoSmithKline
Typhoid Typherix/ Typhim Vi GlaxoSmithKline/ Aventis Pasteur

Headaches and other neurological disorders, anemia, thyroid and other endocrinological disorders.
We also provide treatment for ED・AGA (Male pattern baldness).

We do not participate in the Japanese government health insurance or social insurance.
We can provide appropriate medical statements and itemized receipts for persons with
individual health insurance who intend to file for refunds from their insurers.
We accept major credit cards.

Please use the itemized invoice and receipt with the PAID stamp for your insurance claim purpose.
We offer to complete your insurance claim forms without charge. The completed form will be sent to you
approximately two weeks after the consultation.

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